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WTVM-TV in Columbus, Georgia, has had its highest-rated weekend news show for the past two years. It is the second-highest-rated news program in the nation, behind Fox News, and the third most popular across Georgia.

WTVM operates a Live Doppler 9, called Live Dopper 9 (formerly TrueView Doppsler-9), which is located at the top of its Midtown studio. Action News Kansas City delivers relevant local, community and national news, including breaking news every day. WTHI - News 10 is a leading provider of current and local news and information in Indiana, Indiana, including Terre Haute, Rockville and Casey. At the University of Dr., you can watch the message we sent you two days ago and what we have told you here live.

NewsChannel 9 provides WDRB-TV in Chattanooga and surrounding cities including Chatham County, Knoxville, Nashville and Chattanooga City Hall with current and local news and information from the Chattanooga, Tennessee area, including December 26, 2020. NewsChannel 7 - News Channel 7, a member of the WTVM family of channels, provides news, weather, traffic, sports, entertainment, business and economic news for Chattanooga and the surrounding area, including Chattanooga City Hall, the City of Nashville and the City of Chattanooga.

We continue to look for ways to improve our offering and expect further developments in the coming months that will expand our options for reaching the Columbus - Auburn region. We have coverage you can count on, from West Georgia, including local news, weather and sports, to East Alabama and beyond. Stay with us throughout our stay and we have more than enough coverage for you to count in East Georgia and West Alabama, as well as coverage from the rest of Georgia.

Be sure to stay on Facebook with WTVM News Leader 9 for all the breaking news, weather, traffic and weather information from around the region and be on Twitter and Facebook at @ WTVmNewsLeader 9.

WTVM, an NBC affiliate that covers Macon, Warner Robins and Middle Georgia, is the first and only local news station in the Atlanta metro area to report live and locally on weather, traffic and traffic.

We do what we do to make Macon a better place to live and bring you the latest news, weather, traffic and sports news and events. Daji began his career at Pittsburgh Weather before moving to Milwaukee as a weather reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. TMJ4 News / WTMJ - TV (TMj4) brings you the latest and evolving news / weather and traffic as well as sports coverage from around the country.

WAFF-48 is the leading provider of news, weather, traffic and sports coverage in the North Mississippi and West Alabama area, including Macon-Bibb County, as well as parts of Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama. WAFF 48 is the premier source of breaking news and information on the latest weather and traffic events in Georgia, Alabama and beyond.

WTHI News 10 is the leading provider of news, weather, traffic and sports coverage in the Central Indiana region, including Terre Haute, Zionsville, Rockville and Casey. We offer live coverage of local events, local sports and entertainment, as well as local news and information on the latest weather events.

We bring you everything you need to be ready for the day, the ride or the weekend with our Wtvm Storm Team. Webring you the latest weather news, weather forecast, traffic and traffic updates, as well as local sports and entertainment.

We believe the seal of approval is our interactive weather map, which allows you to zoom in, pan and zoom in to get unmatched weather details. Our interactive weather map with seal of approval allows you to zoom in and pan to get unparalleled weather details! Our seals - to - approve Interactive weather map that gives us the ability to zoom in on weather conditions and pan to the right of the map to get unmatched weather details?

Cleveland 19 News in Ohio is the first trade show to be open to breaking news anywhere in the world, and WTVM News Leader 9 is your go-to source for the latest weather news and information. Join WCVB Channel 5 in Boston for all the news today and be with them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and more.

Summer is hot and humid in Macon, winter short, cold and wet, and the weather is partly cloudy all year round. Summer is warm and sunny, with high temperatures in the mid-90s and low humidity.

The first spring blooms appear in Macon at the end of March or the beginning of April, and appear in mid-to-late April and early May. If you are looking for dry weather, it is from October to May, then November. With humidity, temperatures feel comfortable all year round, with a fair chance of rainfall around half the year. The area is less temperate than some tourist destinations worldwide, but not very.

More About Macon

More About Macon