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Georgia has had a great 12 months, especially as it moves into the final stages of the 2016 US Senate election cycle. With voters going to the polls today in two Senate runoffs, all eyes will be on Georgia.

In addition, the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame strives to uphold the highest ideals and traditions of sport as a positive influence on Georgia's youth, emphasizing athleticism, physical fitness, and leadership taught through sport. The Southern Conference, which prides itself on hosting more than 1,000 of the nation's best college athletes, is responsible for emphasizing student-athlete development and helping to build lifelong leaders and role models. Every year we nominate at least one Georgian athlete, coach or athletic director for training. We honor those who have made lasting contributions to sport in Georgia through their outstanding achievements and achievements.

Throughout the process, this year's list of inductees will be drawn up by a panel of more than ninety people serving on twelve different committees.

Finally, the Honor Court, which consisted of members of the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, Georgia State University and the University of Georgia Board of Trustees, considered thirty - five nominees and seven inductees. Membership of Georgia's Sports Hall of Fame is the highest honor the state can bestow on its athletes. The Hall's Fame Museum displays thousands of artefacts from Georgian sporting history, including trophies that symbolize the crowned achievements of Georgian athletes in sport, as well as artifacts from the state's history. These serve as the basis for the collection of over a thousand artifacts from Georgian sports history - including trophies that symbolize the crowning achievements of each sport, such as state championships, championships in football, basketball, baseball, football, tennis, athletics, golf, lacrosse, men's and women's basketball and baseball. In addition to the artifacts and memorabilia from each of these sporting events, the exhibition also includes the stories of all Georgian athletes, which show the wealth of talent and character that Georgia possesses.

The museum hosts several educational events throughout the year, including the annual Georgia Sports Hall of Fame Festival and Georgia State University Sports Day. At such events, the public can learn how sport is part of a healthy lifestyle. Such events not only enable us to exchange information on how we work, but also provide a great opportunity to better understand a wide range of perspectives on the history of sport in Georgia and the role of sport in society.

How has this recent success been reflected in the store's operations and what is your customer base focused on? We know that we have been able to offer collectors in central and south Georgia an option. I would say that a certain player, past and present, is most popular in Georgia and makes up the bulk of our local collection.

We will help organize shuttle transportation arrangements and use the free shuttle service to and from the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. There are 28 passengers on board the shuttle and we will be at the Atlanta Convention Center from 7: 30 a.m. to 9: 00 a.m.

What else does Middle Georgia Cards offer to attract new collectors and keep coming back? Can you tell us a little bit about how you are trying to engage your customer base through social media and online activities? We advertise live on our Facebook page and we will advertise live on our Twitter account as well as on our Instagram account.

At Ortho - Sport Spine Physicians of Macon, we believe that surgery should always be the last option. If you have back or neck pain with no effective solution and need orthopedic care for your sports injury, visit our office at 515 E. Main St. in Maconsville, Georgia. Our friendly group of transport specialists will answer all your questions and offer you the opportunity to speak to us personally or by phone at 1 - 888 - 743 - 5555.

We have a team of orthopaedic and sports medicine specialists who care for athletic patients at Ortho - Sport Spine Physicians of Macon, 515 E. Main St. in Maconsville.

Piedmont athletic coaches cover every football game at home and also provide coverage for all other high school football and basketball games, as well as Maconsville High School baseball and softball teams. We also support the Piedmonks in their sports programs such as cross-country skiing, athletics, football, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse and football.

In addition to supporting local athletes, Piedmont also supports the Macon Touchdown Club and is a member of the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, the first of its kind in the state. Since the beginnings of this organization, it has been a permanent home to honor the inductees and tell the story of Georgia's sporting heritage. We also sponsor a number of local high school sports programs, including cross-country skiing, athletics, football, basketball, volleyball and lacrosse, and sponsor baseball and softball at Maconsville High School, as well as football and basketball games.

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