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The new TownePlace Suites Macon - Mercer University Hotel, a Marriott hotel, is scheduled to open on Thursday, September 29, 2016. Located at 1550 Mercer - University Drive, Towneplace Suite Mac at Mercer's University is operated as part of the Marriott franchise owned and managed by PHD Hotels, Inc. of Opelika, Alabama. The hotel offers guests access to a variety of amenities including a fitness center, pool, fitness center and spa, as well as an indoor and outdoor pool.

The warm and inviting lobby has been designed to feel like a community café, with seating tailored to the different needs of guests who want to work alone or socialise in groups. The lobby also features a floor-to-ceiling TowneMap (r) that helps guests get settled in the area and offers a variety of great restaurants, shops and restaurants.

Most rooms also have a Home Office TM Suite, which offers guests a wide range of office space to spread out and design themselves. Guests can also relax and work in a modern suite, which features an open living room, kitchen and dining area, as well as a private bathroom and shower room.

Other hotel facilities include on-site services such as copying, faxing and printing. Guests can enjoy a complimentary hot breakfast each morning in the lobby, as well as access to the on-site full-service restaurant and bar.

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The TownePlace Suites at Macon Mercer University are pet friendly (although charges may apply) and also offer guest laundry facilities. Ideal for travelers who need accommodation for a longer stay The property features a fully equipped kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. As someone who has been to this hotel before, I am always interested in what others tell me.

Heath Thornton says about $9 million will be needed to build the first parking deck, which will provide 350 parking spaces. Valet parking will line Cotton Avenue on the doorstep of the hotel, and additional seats will be rented. The project includes the construction of a restaurant, bar and hotel bar on the second floor. Restaurants include a full-service restaurant and private dining room, as well as an open-air restaurant and bar.

A wine and coffee bar will occupy Bob Lewis & Associates' old office, located near Cherry Street. A rooftop bar will also be built on the top floor of the 11-storey building, which will be entered in the National Register of Historic Places when completed. Heath said Tuesday that he is actively working with the UDA and the county to develop a plan to build a first deck loft once the market recovers. Holmes expects the hotel to be ready by early 2021, and Heath Thornton by late 2020.

The hotel is expected to create 96 jobs and generate $13.5 million in tax revenue over the first decade. The "Payment in Tax" (PILOT) program, which would allow the bonds to be repaid through higher real estate revenues and parking fees levied by the platform, would be owned by UDA.

The notice left the door open for consideration of the revised development plan. Heath and Thornton wrote to commissioners on Tuesday asking them to consider phasing out the development.

If they move the project forward, they plan to build a parking deck on the site, which will include a 1500 square metre car park and a 2000-seat restaurant. Holmes said the design prompted placards to be placed around the hotel, pointing to other historical objects that should be placed around the hotel, such as a statue of George Washington.

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