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Nearly 2 million Georgia residents, including about 500,000 children, live in food insecurity, according to the US Department of Agriculture. Food insecurity in the city of Macon, Georgia, continues and has increased in recent years, largely due to lack of access to adequate food and food stamps.

Nearly 19% of the state's population lives in food deserts, areas where access to enough food to meet the full range of healthy diets is lacking. The US Department of Agriculture defines a food desert as a place where food is at least a mile away for income or transportation reasons. In urban areas, a "food desert" is an area where you have to live more than 1,000 miles from a grocery store or other food source.

Regardless of religion, background, or income, people living in Bibb County, Georgia, can receive free food or government goods from local pantries. Ask employees of non-profit organizations to learn more about the pantry program and its benefits for the local community. Employees can help working poor families get knickers or help them request food on wheels, which is intended for seniors.

B Bibb County families can learn more about the pantry program and its benefits for their families and their communities from the Georgia Department of Human Services.

The Middle Georgia Community Food Bank is an important link in the distribution of food and saves the authorities food costs that can be used for programs for the needy. Food processing, overproduction, and distribution failures have become a major cause of hunger in Bibb County and other parts of the state. Macon Outreach's services include pantries, pantries, food storage and storage facilities and a food bank.

The closure of the grocery store has led to a shortage of food for the needy in Bibb County and other parts of Georgia. He says closing grocery stores in areas of Macon that have high poverty and crime rates will only do more damage to the area.

He says he can't afford the food he wants his children to eat, but mostly his budget limits him to buying ready-to-eat and frozen foods. If he finds a deal on chicken or pork chops, he buys them when he needs them. Resch sees the need for Macon to take steps to address food insecurity, not just in Bibb County, but throughout the state.

Fincher's serves a vinegar-type BBQ, but if you're not a fan, just order without the sauce, and the waitress always hosts the hot sauce that comes with the chips. When I came in for lunch, George said to me, "You got the fries" because he knows I like crispy fries. It's been so long since I've been to Johnny V that I don't feel like a fan of it, so I ordered the crispy fries I always like to get.

The food is good, but service can be inadequate in some restaurants and it is not cheap. I enjoy eating at Warner Robins, where I have Cinco de Mayo and often meet up with friends for dinner. If you're in town for the Cherry Blossom Festival or any other event, be sure to visit Riverside Dr., which is an easy drive from downtown. Resch said: "We eat a lot, so if I tell them the food isn't cheap and they look around and cook a good meal, my eldest son will do that."

In Macon, La Parrila's is located in River Crossing, the largest shopping mall in Georgia. You can also find it at the River Crossings Shopping Center on River Road and across the river in Warner Robins, just a short drive from the city center.

We will be able to stock it based on local food preferences, which belong to and are operated by our customers and employees and are open to all.

The list starts with fine dishes, so if you fancy a burger or hot dog, Nu-way is the place to be. The menu includes fried chicken, burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, salads and much more. I can't fault you for eating a Southern BBQ burger with fried chicken, but the jalapeno - tuna, crab - stuffed dogs and their spicy chilli sauce are a truly unique culinary experience that awaits you.

There is a wide selection of drinks, from green iced tea to hot and cold drinks and a few draft beers.

Marco's also has a private dining room with 30 seats and a refined bar stocked with fine wines and cocktails. Whether you are looking for a casual dining experience or a full-service restaurant, the Tic-Toc Room will help you meet your dining, catering and entertainment needs. It was voted the "Best Burger in the City" and offers a wide selection of burgers, sandwiches, salads, soups, side dishes, desserts and more.

The margaritas in Mercer Village serve the usual Mexican fare, but with 32 beers, there are plenty of options for people with little money and a wide selection of cocktails.

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